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mcu meme -  6/7 relationships;  peggy carter and steve rogers.

You know, I still don’t know how to dance.

I’ll show you how. Just be there.

We’ll have the band play something slow. I’d hate to step on your—-

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"Knock, knock. Mr. Criminal?"

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same   klaine   queue  
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- Cockfighting. I had to break up the ring, naturally. Barbaric practice.
- So you decided to bring one of the chickens home?
- Well, there are two combatants in a cock fight. I could have called animal control. But it occurred to me, we have an opportunity. There’s some debate as to whether these creatures, once perverted by their keepers, can be weaned from their aggressive tendencies. The process, as it stands now, is tedious, highly imperfect - I believe it can be improved upon.

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Steve Wilson
Steven Wilson
Steven Grant Wilson
S. Wilson
Mr. Wilson
Captain Wilson
Sam and Steve Wilson <3 <3
The Wilsons

Natasha: Hey, Steve, what are you working on?

Steve: (knocks over entire desk, papers fly everywhere)

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okay hear me out aromantic natasha who as a ~thing~ with clint and every time somebody asks them to define their relationship natasha raises an eyebrow while clint makes vaguely exasperated hand gestures

#all i can think of is clint waving around a coffee pot and making noncommittal noises then flapping his hands near his chest then shrugging and chugging the coffee pot #and natasha’s like ‘yeah that exactly’

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The Double, 2013 (dir. Richard Ayoade)

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Sleepy Hollow meme // [1/3] Relationships

Ichabod + Abbie

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Get To Know Me Meme [1/10] Favorite T.V Shows→ Glee

I don’t have any more pep talks. I just have you guys. And the memory of the people on this wall. My friends. I mean, we share this special bond. We’re the only ones in the world who know what this glee club meant to us. What it felt like to sing together. Go be together. And what it feels like to say goodbye to it. I didn’t come here to cheer you up. Just to thank you. To thank you for going on this ride with me.

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make me choose
↳ taystee or poussey (asked by mybodywakesup)

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